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Based on Objet’s breakthrough PolyJet Matrix™ Technology, the Connex500 3D printing system simultaneously prints two FullCure model materials and creates an extensive range of Digital Materials. It can also print a single material from any of the original seven FullCure model materials.

By printing with Digital Materials, the Connex500™ 3D printer allows you to print parts with specific Shore A values to match the values of the intended production materials. This capability opens up new opportunities, bringing you much closer to realizing the final product at an early stage, including feasibility testing and over-molding process simulation.

Parts produced on the Connex500™ have smooth and durable surfaces, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish. The superior productivity, high quality output and unique multi-material printing capabilities of the Connex500™ 3D printer enable you to closely emulate the look, feel and function of an exceptionally wide variety of end products.

Objet Connex 500 3D printer


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